10 great tips from a comedy booker…

Very helpful insight. Thank you Rob Durham!

Don't Wear Shorts on Stage

A few weeks ago Steve Sabo shared some booking tips.  Here is more advice from another booker.  Connie Ettinger sent these my way to share with you.  Though I haven’t worked for Connie, I’ve heard nothing but good things about her over the years.  As always, there are always exceptions to rules, but these all make really good sense and are definitely worth sharing…

1. When you send your avails, make sure you indicate if the dates you are  submitting are open dates or booked dates. Don’t make me guess. List  the category with the fewest dates and indicate CLEARLY if those  are UNAVAILABLE or AVAILABLE.  Everyone seems to do it differently;  all I ask is clarity.  Make sure to include personal time off in your unavailable dates.  (Some comics forget to include family vacations,  honeymoons, etc., and then get stuck calling me and explaining why  their dates don’t work.)

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