Mmm… Malts.

I love Malts!

Whenever a malt is on the menu, there’s a good chance I’m going to order it because I simply love them! When made correctly, they’re delicious! When that first sip hits my tongue after a long journey through the straw, I feel pure bliss and euphoric. However, this feeling of euphoria is easily destroyed when  I order a MALT and get served a shake, instead. On a side note, shakes are good and all but when I order a malt, that’s what I want! Not to sound pretentious or anything but there’s a huge difference between the two. Well, a slight difference in how they’re made but a huge difference in taste and consistency. There have been several occasions when I ordered a malt and then was served a shake. I tell them, “Excuse me, this is a shake but I ordered a malt.” They stare at me blankly and confused. If you are confused by the difference between a malt and shake, I’ll help you in the next paragraph.

Malts vs. Shakes

Malts and shakes are made in very similar manners. According to, “A traditional malted milkshake is made from real ice cream, whole milk, malt powder or liquid, and flavoring or fruit. A shake contains the same ingredients as the malted milkshake, minus the malt flavoring. Both the traditional malt and shake are mixed on a spindle mixer.” Let me sum it up for those who are still confused. Malts and shakes use the exact same ingredients, however, you just need to add the malt flavoring to the shake to turn it into a malt. Ta-da! Malt snobs such as myself are very particular between the two.

With that being said, if you work at a place that serves malts and milk shakes, it is very important to know the difference between the two. Remember, if somebody orders a malt, follow the same steps that you do when you’re making a shake and just add one more step; add malt powder or flavoring! It’s very easy to do. It’s like if someone ordered a chocolate milk… pour the milk and then add chocolate before mixing. Chocolate milk without the chocolate is just milk. Malts without the malt flavoring is just a shake.

I would like to add one more thing, malts and shakes don’t need to be super thick! My cheeks shouldn’t implode(?) from sucking so hard just to get the malt or shake through the straw! Had to get that off my chest. (hehe)


Let’s review the difference one more time… a shake is just like a malt but without the malt flavoring. So, if you work at a place that serves malts and shakes but you still can’t quite grasp the difference, ask your supervisor or manager to show you the difference. If they don’t know the difference, either, ask that they step down from their positions or call headquarters. There is no excuse, anymore. Now, go make some delicious malts! …or shakes, whichever you prefer.

Tip for ordering a malt when you’re out to eat:
1) Before ordering, ask the person taking your order if he or she can please tell you the difference between the two.
2) Request extra malt powder.

Which do you prefer… malts or shakes? Vote below!


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2 thoughts on “Mmm… Malts.

  1. I love malts, too. Peanut butter is my favorite. I think my daughter unknowingly encountered the shake-not-malt debacle some weeks back. My son had ordered a chocolate malt and she ordered a strawberry malt. When I sipped them later at home, I immediately detected a difference in hers. She hadn’t had a malt before so she didn’t realize. I will try it next time before driving off. 🙂

    1. Yay, a fellow malt lover! haha Peanut butter is good. However, I can’t get away from chocolate malts. I’m sure your daughter will notice a difference after she has a malt, too. Then, she may become a malt snob, too. lol

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