Practicing Spanish…

Practicando Espanol

Andy H.

I’ve been practicing my Spanish speaking skills a lot lately, which is easy to do in Los Angeles. After taking two-years of it in College (& High School), I never really had the chance to practice until I moved out to LA. Recently, I finally got the nerve to give it a try whenever there’s an opportunity. Here are a couple examples, below.

Yesterday, while at Target, I could not find the vitamin aisle. Then, I heard two female employees speaking to each other in Spanish. Since I’ve been practicing my Spanish, as well, I figured this is a good opportunity to try it out!

ME: “Por favor, donde esta las vitaminas?”
HER: (confused) “Oh, the vitamins are downstairs.”
ME: “Practicando espanol. Como se dice en epanol? Por favor.”
HER: “Vitamskas akd jaowierkj ljsadklfj jkla la el awerwe woeir gnasdg weotiu ashgsghsdf asldkfj oweirew kjljasdf.”
ME: “Uhh… Gracias.”

Yeah, I had no idea what she said. People who are especially of Latin descent, are usually confused when I speak to them in Spanish… or they’re just confused because what I said didn’t make any sense. However, I always tell them that I’m practicing my Spanish (Practicando espanol), which is usually followed up with good feedback.

With that being said, I encounter many Spanish speaking people when I’m selling my sports drink at a big wholesale store, that I won’t mention for whatever reason, but it does rhyme with Lostco… which is a great opportunity to practice this fun language. Yeah, I said, “this fun language.”

Another instance when a Spanish looking guy walks by my table:

ME: “Hi there.”
HIM: “Hola, amigo.”
ME: “Hola. Tenga buen dia!”
HIM: (stops his cart with a very confused look on his face) “Igualmente!”
ME: “Gracias!”

Well, thanks for reading! Didn’t really expect to elaborate that much on the topic but I’m glad we did it. I’m glad we went there. Basically, what I’m saying is that you must always follow your dreams and don’t let fear stop you from being anything… even it’s speaking Spanish. Yeah, that’s the message. Okay, well, have a good day!… err I mean, Tenga buen dia!


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