Andy’s Random Thoughts (ART)

Andy’s Random Thoughts

This is why I no longer tell people that I perform comedy…
My brothers tells the bar owner in small town Iowa that I perform comedy in Los Angeles.
After talking for a bit, I tell him that I’d be up for doing a small show at his bar when I’m in the area.
He says, “You know who’d be a great comedian? … My friend Ted! If Ted pursued comedy, he’d be one of those who makes it. He says some of the funniest shit.”
That’s like my brother offering to do free electrical work at his bar and he responds with, “you know who’d be great electrician? My friend, Ted. If he just got some wires…”

Forgot about the water!
Did you know that if you start to boil water in a cooking pot, then watch Hunger Games on Netflix, and then return to the pot, that the water will be gone and the pot will be ruined?

Frustrated with culture…
People go onto America’s Got Talent and sing opera… as if anyone appreciates opera these days. They’re not going to be selling any records.

Your grammar sucks!
Why are people replacing the word “and” with “an” in their sentences? It doesn’t make sense when they put something like, “Went out last night an had fun!”

“Tabitha’s Salon Takeover” can be so emotional to watch.

Fashion Question.
Are my Lucky Brand jeans still “cool”?

(These were taken from my facebook posts.)


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