Today’s Ways To Be Cool

Today’s Ways To Be Cool

As time goes on, fads, fashions, and definitions of being “cool” change in our society. Four years into our new decade, we can see this to be true, today. Based on my observations, I’ve learned what it takes to be cool, nowadays. The top ten list is below.

  1. Wear “Beats by Dre.” Everyone’s doing it, no matter where they are or what they’re doing.
  2. Be a hipster. The coolest hipsters act snobby, though. The nice ones aren’t as cool.
  3. Always use your cell phone. Ignore the outside world by texting, no matter where you are or who’s with you. This is also very popular at the gym.
  4. Listen to terrible sounding pop music with your cell phone’s tiny speaker. Especially in public places.
  5. Breath through your mouth.
  6. Add an “s” to words when saying good bye. Example: “byes!” or “Laters!”
  7. Don’t say the words, “Oh my god!” Instead, use “OMG”, as if you’re saving time when typing in an online chat.
  8. While driving, switch lanes, without using your turn signal.
  9. Wear thick black framed glasses if you don’t need them. Some people wear just the frames with no glasses.
  10. Eat low fat dairy products. The coolest of people think this is healthy.

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