I’m sorry!

Dear Diary,

I owe you an apology for not posting a blog in a very long time. I know the world is lacking in blogs and I’m not helping the situation. However, I am very hungry. I’m trying to clean up my diet by eating healthily but then I get scared to eat anything so I end up not eating just blogging. I don’t want to be a blogger but I feel like it’s necessary since I’m trying to be a comedian. Some people go for jogs but some of us go for blogs! Am I right? No. 

I’m sitting here at Panera, trying to work on booking gigs but people keep coming up to me, asking if I’m doing interviews. 

“Are you Josh?” – another lady that walked into Panera asking me if I’m interviewing.

“Are you here for the interview?” – Me

“Yes.” – Her

“Sit over there in that booth and I’ll be right with you.” – Me

I found Josh and now he’s interviewing her. 

Until next time,

Andy H.


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