Andy’s Random Thoughts (ART)

Andy's Random Thoughts This is why I no longer tell people that I perform comedy... My brothers tells the bar owner in small town Iowa that I perform comedy in Los Angeles. After talking for a bit, I tell him that I'd be up for doing a small show at his bar when I'm in … Continue reading Andy’s Random Thoughts (ART)


Woah… 60s music!

Practicing Spanish…

Practicando Espanol Andy H. I've been practicing my Spanish speaking skills a lot lately, which is easy to do in Los Angeles. After taking two-years of it in College (& High School), I never really had the chance to practice until I moved out to LA. Recently, I finally got the nerve to give it … Continue reading Practicing Spanish…

Accidental Cell-Phone Pics

Sometime around 2010, I was riding my bicycle while holding my cell phone in one of my hands on the handlebars. Later on, I discovered that I accidentally snapped some pictures during my ride. They seemed to turn out quite nicely!

Cute Dog Races To Remove Socks

GUINNESS WORLD RECORDSĀ® UNLEASHED I got to sit on stage during the taping of Guinness World Record Unleashed. Sitting cross-legged with socks on is one of my biggest talents. Wearing my maroon shirt. Click here to watch! --> Cute Dog Races To Remove Socks GUINNESS WORLD RECORDSĀ® UNLEASHED Season 1 - Ep. 13 SNEAK PEEK: … Continue reading Cute Dog Races To Remove Socks

Mmm… Malts.

I love Malts! Whenever a malt is on the menu, there's a good chance I'm going to order it because I simply love them! When made correctly, they're delicious! When that first sip hits my tongue after a long journey through the straw, I feel pure bliss and euphoric. However, this feeling of euphoria is … Continue reading Mmm… Malts.