I Want to Perform For You



I’m sorry!

Dear Diary, I owe you an apology for not posting a blog in a very long time. I know the world is lacking in blogs and I'm not helping the situation. However, I am very hungry. I'm trying to clean up my diet by eating healthily but then I get scared to eat anything so … Continue reading I’m sorry!

Some Upcoming shows! 3/17 - 7pm VFW St. Joseph, MO 3/18 - IDK St. Joseph, MO 3/19 - 9pm Stanford's Overland Park, KS 3/19 - 11pm Stanford's Overland Park, KS 4/2016 - TBD Club Boomerang Wichita, KS 5/2016 - TBD Cindi Maes Earling, IA 5/2016 - TBD Wichita, KS 11/18 - Cindi Maes Earling, IA … Continue reading

Jerk This Comedy Showcase!

I Admire Pop Stars…

I Admire Pop Stars... I can't help but to admire pop stars. They have actually convinced people to buy their almost completely auto-tuned albums and they didn't even stop there. To add more insult to the art of music and to the fans' intelligence; they have also convinced people to pay for over priced tickets to go watch them lip … Continue reading I Admire Pop Stars…

A Friend in Need…