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I Admire Pop Stars…

I Admire Pop Stars... I can't help but to admire pop stars. They have actually convinced people to buy their almost completely auto-tuned albums and they didn't even stop there. To add more insult to the art of music and to the fans' intelligence; they have also convinced people to pay for over priced tickets to go watch them lip … Continue reading I Admire Pop Stars…

A Friend in Need…

Dan Gabriel (seen on Comedy Central) joins Andy Hartley & more hilarious comedians!

TONIGHT: FREE Comedy Show @ Universal Bar & Grill in N. Hollywood!

Stolen joke or just a coincidence?

This was a joke I made up with some friends while playing a game of Scrabble. Other comics may think it's a "groaner", which it is, but I did use it stage a few times. Hey, I was fairly new at the time. It's no longer a joke I tell. However, it did seem like a … Continue reading Stolen joke or just a coincidence?

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