Andy Joins Preston Lacy from Jackass & More!


Jerk This Comedy Showcase!

I Admire Pop Stars…

I Admire Pop Stars... I can't help but to admire pop stars. They have actually convinced people to buy their almost completely auto-tuned albums and they didn't even stop there. To add more insult to the art of music and to the fans' intelligence; they have also convinced people to pay for over priced tickets to go watch them lip … Continue reading I Admire Pop Stars…

The RollickingStones of Comedy Showcase!

The RollickingStones of Comedy Showcase! Dec 13th, 2014 - 8:00pm the Talent Factory 1114 6th Street Nevada, IA

Dan Gabriel (Comedy Central) joins Andy Hartley & more!


A Friend in Need…

Today’s Ways To Be Cool

Today's Ways To Be Cool As time goes on, fads, fashions, and definitions of being "cool" change in our society. Four years into our new decade, we can see this to be true, today. Based on my observations, I've learned what it takes to be cool, nowadays. The top ten list is below. Wear "Beats … Continue reading Today’s Ways To Be Cool